ULTRASONIC 40 eVo linear

Max. X travels
400 mm
Max. Y travels
400 mm
Max. Z travels
375 mm
Max. table load
250 kg
Table diameter
400 mm
Control & software alternatives



ultrasonic-40-evo-highlight picture 1

ULTRASONIC technology integration for an expanded machining portfolio

  • Technology integration via HSK-A63 / HSK-E50 actuator system
  • ULTRASONIC superimpositioning of the tool rotation with amplitudes up to > 10 µm
  • Automatic frequency detection -adation, amplitude regulation and automatic feed adjustment
  • Up to 50% reduced process forces due to ULTRASONIC allow: higher feeds, better surface finishes up to Ra < 0.1 µm, longer tool life

5-Axes Simultaneous Machining with proven Swivel Rotary Table

  • Swivel range of the B-axis -5/ +110°
  • Table load up to 250 kg
  • Cooling of table unit table bearings and drives

Mill-Turn Operation

  • Speed of the C-axis up to bis 1,200 rpm
  • Motorspindle with 18,000 rpm , 130 Nm and HSK A63


  • speedMASTER 20,000 rpm in standard version
  • speedMASTER 15,000 rpm with 200 Nm (option)
  • Motorspindle 24,000 rpm (option)
Application Examples

Standard automation and customised solutions in the VERTICO design

Automation is a key element of digital production. Every DMG MORI machine can be upgraded with standard automation or with a customised automation solution for flexible manufacturing systems:

Control & Software
CELOS and Industry 4.0 by DMG MORI

CELOS and Industry 4.0

App-based control and operating system which serves as an entry point to digitisation:

  • CELOS Machine: with up to 60 sensors for monitoring and supervision of machine and process
  • CELOS Manufacturing: APP-based digital workflows for maximum efficiency on the shop floor
  • Digital Factory: integrated production planning and control with digital solutions from DMG MORI
Service & Training
Downloads & Technical Data
Work Area
Max. X travels
400 mm
Max. Y travels
400 mm
Max. Z travels
375 mm
Table dimensions
Max. table load
250 kg
Table diameter
400 mm
Workpiece dimensions
Max. worpiece height
275 mm
Standard speed
14,000 rpm
Max. speed (Option)
24,000 rpm
Drive power rating (100% DC)
14 kW (AC)
Torque (100% DC)
74 Nm
15-55 kHz
Amplitude max.
10 µm
Tool magazine
Capacity (Standard)
Max. capacity
Rapid traverse
Max. X axis
80 m/min
Max. Y axis
80 m/min
Max. Z axis
80 m/min

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